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Steve Smith’s decision to quit Sri Lanka ODI tour questioned by Mahela Jayawardene | Herald Sun

Steve Smith’s decision to quit Sri Lanka ODI tour questioned by Mahela Jayawardene | Herald Sun: Michael Clarke, the man Smith replaced as Test captain, said he was also puzzled by Australia’s mid-series move which was announced on Thursday.

Smith will be rested from three one-day games and two Twenty20 clashes against Sri Lanka ahead of Australia’s one-day series in South Africa next month.

“I would of liked to have seen the captain play until the series was won and then have a rest,” Clarke said on Twitter.
Steve Smith’s decision to quit Sri Lanka ODI tour questioned by Mahela Jayawardene | Herald SunSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

Sajith, Navin, Indika in Great Escape Chopper in emergency landing

Sajith, Navin, Indika in Great Escape Chopper in emergency landing - A helicopter carrying Ministers Sajith Premadasa, Navin Dissanayake and Deputy Minister Indika Bandaranayake miraculously escaped a major tragedy despite slamming into high voltage power lines in thick mist in Nuwara Eliya yesterday.

The pilot's expertise and presence of mind despite slamming into power lines and getting thrown off course unharmed, saved the ministers' lives as he successfully landed in a plot of land under vegetable cultivation 4 kilometres away. Nuwara Eliya Police said it was a miracle that the contact with high voltage power lines had not destroyed it and killed the ministers and pilot.
The chopper, one in the Daya Aviation fleet, ran into heavy mist with near zero visibility around 10.30 a.m. yesterday.
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‘I gave MR Nobel Nomination forms’ -

‘I gave MR Nobel Nomination forms’ - In what appears likely to be yet another dramatic revelation of what took place during the Rajapaksa regime, Cabinet spokesman Minister Rajitha Senaratne disclosed it was he who gave the application form for the Nobel Peace Prize nomination to former President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

He said at yesterday's Cabinet media briefing that he had personally handed over the application form to the former President, in a bid to assist.......him in his 'crusade to become Asia's Nelson Mandela'.
"When I gave him the application for the Nobel Peace Prize nomination, he was surprised and asked me how I got hold of it since it's not that easy. But he was not lucky enough to get nomination. Finally however, President Maithripala Sirisena received the chance to go for that," he elaborated.
‘I gave MR Nobel Nomination forms’ - Ceylontoday.lkSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

New Earthquake Threat Could Lurk Under 140 Million People

New Earthquake Threat Could Lurk Under 140 Million People: If the new study’s models are correct, the region—home to more than 140 million people—could be sitting atop an active megathrust fault, the same kind of geologic feature that caused the catastrophic magnitude 9.0 earthquake in Japan in 2011.

What’s more, the models suggest that the fault is stuck and has been accumulating stress for more than 400 years, since before the Mughals made the Bangladeshi city of Dhaka the regional capital in the early 1600s.
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Are the Earthquakes in Myanmar and Italy Related?

Are the Earthquakes in Myanmar and Italy Related?: Earthquakes devastated both Italy and Myanmar early Wednesday. Though the quakes were similarly sized—magnitude 6.2 in Italy and magnitude 6.8 in Myanmar—the seismic events, occurring more than 5,000 miles (8,047 kilometers) apart, were not related.

We asked two experts to explain whether it's ever possible for one earthquake to trigger another. John Bellini is a geophysicist at the U.S. Geological Survey National Earthquake Information Center and Michael Steckler is a geophysicist at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University.
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Plantations about to be Collapsed due to extra High Labour charges

Sri Lanka plantations say unable to continue to justify large losses to shareholders | Economynext: Sri Lankan plantation companies said they cannot justify large loses to shareholders and remain in business if worker labour unions do not sign a new productivity-linked wage deal agreed upon with government mediation.

The Planters’ Association of Ceylon, representing Regional Plantation Companies (RPCs), said that continuing to resist the revision of the present archaic attendance-based wage as losses increase, without any other viable alternative, is putting the industry in peril.

“At the request of the government and considering the aspirations of the workers, the RPCs provided a daily interim allowance of Rs100 to their workers for June and July 2016 despite being under significant financial pressure, by utilising loans of Rs800 million provided by state banks via the Tea Board,” a statement said.
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Licence of drunk Srilankan Airlines pilot suspended | Colombo Gazette

Licence of drunk Srilankan Airlines pilot suspended | Colombo Gazette: The licence of the drunk Srilankan Airlines pilot has been suspended by the Civil Aviation Authority.

The Authority has also sought an explanation from the pilot over his conduct while on duty.

SriLankan Airlines had said earlier that one of its pilots who was due to operate UL554 �from Frankfurt to Colombo on Friday�failed to pass a breathalyzer, (alcohol test) carried out by the Authorities at Frankfurt Airport in Germany and this caused a delay of the�flight.
Licence of drunk Srilankan Airlines pilot suspended | Colombo GazetteSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

Allegations On Violating Tender Procedures | The Sunday Leader

Allegations On Violating Tender Procedures | The Sunday Leader: The Minister of Prison Reforms Rehabilitation, Resettlement and Hindu Religious Affairs, D. M. Swaminathan, on his own decision, had allegedly selected the building located in Carlwil Place, Kollupitiya to house all its five institutions violating tender procedures.
Had the Ministry followed a transparent tender procedure in selecting the building bid to house all its institutions under a roof and followed all the provisions mentioned in the bid, it would not have been an issue for a CID case to be taken up to which the secretary to the minister R. Dullewa claims is unaware of.
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Coming of age of Chandimal

The Island: Our splendid sports reporter Reemus Fernando had told us plenty about this raw talent from Ambalangoda called Dinesh Chandimal. Later a lot was heard of him as he represented Ananda College. When the selectors picked him to represent Sri Lanka Board President’s XI against touring New Zealanders at the age of 19, we rushed to the Colts Cricket ground to see how the next biggest thing in Sri Lankan cricket would fare against Tuffey, Martin, Oram and Vettori. It happened to be Chandimal’s First Class debut too.

For a player to make his First Class debut against a touring side even before he had played club cricket, gives you an indication the weight of expectations on the youngster.

He looked confident and organized and wasn’t rattled by the opposition’s verbals. Chandimal’s approach was a bold one. He was strong on the back foot cutting and pulling the seamers while against the spinners his footwork looked near perfect with some neat drives as he raced to a half-century. His 64 contained 11 boundaries. We returned to office that day convinced that a star is in the making.
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Tight security for Scotsman in Malaka Silva assault case | The Sunday Times Sri Lanka

Tight security for Scotsman in Malaka Silva assault case | The Sunday Times Sri Lanka: Tight security is expected as the Scotsman at the centre of an assault case against former Minister Mervyn Silva’s son Malaka Silva, arrives at the Colombo Magistrate’s Court on Thursday (25), when the case is to be taken up.

James Casserly (44) will be in court regarding the alleged assault on a foreign couple by Malaka Silva at a nightclub two years ago.

A senior officer at the Kollupitiya police said they will provide security to the Scotsman during the case.
Tight security for Scotsman in Malaka Silva assault case | The Sunday Times Sri LankaSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend


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