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Doctors bitter with Sri Lanka President’s prescription | Economynext

Doctors bitter with Sri Lanka President’s prescription | Economynext: Sri Lanka’s government doctors who called off a strike after a “positive” meeting with President Maithripala Sirisena announced Monday that they were bitter with his statement which offered no concessions on key demands.

Tens of thousands of Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) members ended their three-day strike on Saturday after securing a meeting the President who made no promises and only reconfirmed the government’s stand on private medical education.

Health Minister Rajitha Senaratne said the GMOA was looking for a face-saving way to call off the strike amid intense pressure from within their own membership as well as patients who had lost patience with strikers.
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GMOA Doctors to Strike for Fun again...

The Island: Senior GMOA official Nalinda Herath told The Island that their executive committee would meet tomorrow to discuss the latest developments. "We’ll probably resume trade union action," the official said, adding that the GMOA expected the government to respect the agreement.

The GMOA responded to the Presidential Secretariat statement within an hour after it was issued.

The GMOA suspended countrywide strike on Saturday after meeting President Maithripala Sirisena at his official residence. Health Minister Dr Rajitha Senaratne, Higher Education, Highways Minister Lakshman Kiriella or senior officials of those ministries hadn’t been present at the meeting.
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One hundred monks donate blood for Jaffna Hospital patients - Sri Lanka News

One hundred monks donate blood for Jaffna Hospital patients - Sri Lanka News: There is a scarcity of blood at the Jaffna Hospital’s Blood Bank, and this project was carried out by the Buddhist Monks as a solution to the scarcity.

Speaking of the initiative, Ven. Prof. Medagoda Abhaya Tissa Thero said: “The Maithri teachings of Lord Buddha is not limited to a certain group, caste or race of people.”

The Ven. thero said Buddha’s teachings are unversal and that it is based on that teaching these one hundred theros of the Maha Sangha decided to donate blood to patients of Jaffna Hospital.

“Various people are trying to divide the people under the guise of reconciliation. This is a country where everyone can live as brothers and sisters. This is our motherland. A unitary state,” said the Venerable Thero.
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At center of Qatar crisis, a $1 billion ransom | TheHill

At center of Qatar crisis, a $1 billion ransom | TheHill: The crisis over Qatar that is gripping the Middle East hinges on an alleged $1 billion ransom that was reportedly paid to release members of Qatar’s royal family and others who were kidnapped in Iraq.�

That payment�appears�to be the breaking point in the tense relationship between Qatar and Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and other countries in the region, according to one report earlier this month.�

On Tuesday, the State Department said it was “mystified” that Gulf states had not given reasons for their decision to cut off of land, air and sea transport to Qatar.
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GMOA calls off strike after discussions with the President - Sri Lanka News

GMOA calls off strike after discussions with the President - Sri Lanka News: The countrywide strike carried out by the Government Medical Officers’ Association, was called off a short while ago.

The GMOA says that its Executive Committee decided to call off the strike after they held a discussion with President Maithripala Sirisena this morning.
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Wiggy Out ! if he can’t prove majority NPC support -

Wiggy Out ! if he can’t prove majority NPC support - ?: Don't you agree with the fact that the majority of the public are in support of the present Chief Minister C.V.Wigneswaran ? This was abundantly evident at the public protest demonstration staged in support of C.V.Wigneswaran that a majority opposed the�'No Faith'�motion tabled against him.

A: That protest cannot be taken as a comprehensive reflection of public perceptions about the issue. Normally, the majority of the public do not air their views in an aggressive manner and often remain silent. That protest could merely have been stage managed by vested interests. This type of protest does not essentially reflect the majority public opinion. Hence, it is hard to come to a conclusion as to whether the majority of the public support the CM or are opposed to him.
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Sri Lanka probes cricketer over monkey talk | Economynext

Sri Lanka probes cricketer over monkey talk | Economynext: -Sri Lanka fast bowler Lasith Malinga faced an investigation on Thursday after he compared a government minister to a monkey following criticism that the country's cricketers were too fat.

Sports minister Dayasiri Jayasekera said he ordered an inquiry after Malinga lambasted him for questioning the endurance of Sri Lankan players following their failure to reach the Champions Trophy semi-finals.

"He is now under investigation for making statements to the media in breach of his contract with Sri Lanka Cricket (board)," Jayasekera told AFP. "In my criticism of the appalling fitness levels of our players, I did not name Malinga, but he has chosen to put the hat on and attack me publicly."

Malinga told a television network that the minister knew nothing about cricket.

"I don't care about criticism from those who are simply warming chairs," he said. "What does a monkey know about a parrot's nesting hollow? This is like a monkey getting into a parrot's nest and talking about it."
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President likely to sack SriLankan airline board | Economynext

President likely to sack SriLankan airline board | Economynext: “We were not elected to do the same thing that the pervious board did,” the government source said.

“If this government loses the next election, it will be because of the mismanagement at Sri Lankan. The current directors will fly to London and Melbourne. Before their planes land, we will be sent to jail,” another minister said accusing Dias and his directors of causing problems for the administration.

After Tuesday’s ferocious questioning of the Sri Lankan top management, ministerial sources expected the board to quit on their own.

“If they have any self respect, they will not stay till the President sacks them,” the source said. “Some of them were addressed like pickpockets.”

After the bruising grilling, some directors who are at loggerheads with Dias and Ratwatte told ministers that the questions were just the tip of the iceberg and they had documentary evidence of many more irregularities.
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Mayjews can bowl for IPL, but not for Sri Lanka

The Island: Sports Minister Dayasiri Jayasekera said yesterday that contrary to claims in certain quarters, Sri Lankan Cricket captain Angelo Matthews had not been fit enough to play in the first group stage match of the recently concluded International Cricket Council Championship Trophy tournament in the UK.

Asked why Matthews had been prevented from playing the first match, he said: "Angelo was unfit. He aggravated an injury by taking part in India's IPL tournament. Angelo bowls and bats for his IPL team, but cannot bowl for Sri Lanka. Some cricketers attracted by the money, play in India and injure themselves. The result is that they are unable to play for the country."

Addressing the weekly Cabinet press briefing at the Information Department a short while earlier , Jayasekera stressed that in future only players who passed a compulsory fitness test, would be allowed to represent the national team.
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Sri Lanka's firebrand monk invokes Muslim menace | The Japan Times

Sri Lanka's firebrand monk invokes Muslim menace | The Japan Times: Gnanasara whips crowds into a frenzy, passionately exhorting Buddhists to rise up and protect what he believes is being threatened — namely their Sinhalese identity. He insists he is not anti-Islam, only anti-extremism. In person, he is mild-mannered and thoughtful, a man living with minimal security despite making many enemies. In his monastery in central Colombo, there is a bank of security monitors, but aside from a few acolytes the compound is only watched over by a large statue of Kannon, the goddess of mercy.

“I think I have the most amazing ability compared with many other Sri Lankans because around 400 Christian Evangelical organizations here are all against me,” Gnanasara confided. “And you know Muslims meet every Friday in their mosque, they all denounce me. Because they cannot physically kill me, they try to kill my character.”
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